Women everywhere face health inequities every day.

A young White woman is standing proud. She’s wearing a pink blouse with white polka-dots, red glasses, and her blonde hair is down.

Did you know?

  • 3x

    Women experience depression and anxiety twice as often as men, and are 3x more likely to face barriers to service.¹

  • 1 in 5

    menstruators in Canada struggle to afford menstrual products.²

  • Only 7%

    of national funding goes to women’s health research.³

  • 44%

    or nearly half of Canadian women have reported experiencing some form of psychological, physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.⁴

1 Women’s College Hospital, The Health Gap Annual Report, Page 6.

2 Plan Canada 2022 menstrual health research

3 WHCC – Source : Partnership for Women’s Health Research. (2022). What is women’s health research and why is it important? Accessed March 2023

4 Canadian Women’s Foundation

Women and mental health

Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is working to improve access to mental health care and support. Our commitment ranges from local partnerships like our Run for Women to national partnerships like our work with The Canadian Mental Health Association.

Menstrual equity

Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is taking action to address period poverty. We’re improving access to menstrual products and supporting menstrual education programs through partnerships with Moon Time Sisters, The Period Purse, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, BC Society of Transition Houses and more.

Prioritizing women’s health research

Although women make up half of the population, a true understanding of their health is incomplete due to a legacy of inequity when it comes to women’s health research. Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is proud to work with partners like the Women’s Health Collective Canada to help bridge the gap between research and care to ensure more women in Canada can lead healthier lives.

Addressing violence against women

With more than 2 in 5 women experiencing some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime, many women in Canada are suffering. Violence against women has a direct and negative impact on the health of women and their families. Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is proud to work with Women’s Shelter Canada to drive important systems change, while also working locally with hundreds of violence against women shelters who ensure women have access to the care and support they need to be healthy and safe.

Join our cause

Join us in supporting over 370 charities across Canada working to reduce the health inequities women face.