Join us in supporting over 360 charities across Canada working to reduce the health inequities women face.

A young Black woman is standing proud. She’s wearing a denim jacket, white top, and her hair is in braids while half is tied up.

Donate Now to our Giving Shelter Program

Our annual fall Giving Shelter campaign running from September 9 to October 6 unites all stores in a fundraising effort to support over 320 local women’s shelters and programs across Canada. 100% of donations raised in-store stay in the local community.


Who we are

Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is our commitment to fostering health equity for all women in Canada. In collaboration with over 360 charities, we’re increasing awareness of women’s health issues and ensuring equitable and accessible care so all women in Canada can live healthier lives.

About us

Why we care

  • Because of gender inequities, women continue to face barriers in many aspects of their lives.

  • When you consider social, cultural and power dynamics, women face significant barriers that restrict them from equitable and inclusive care.

  • It’s time we end health inequity. It’s time to make women’s health visible.

What we do

Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM is working to improve women’s health through a range of initiatives, including the Community Grants Program, the Run for Women, and supporting a variety of critical women’s health needs.

How you can help

All donations are used to directly support charities across Canada dedicated to women’s health needs.